Manage Projects Overview

Your guide to managing projects in Innoslate.

The key to managing your projects in Innoslate is accessing the ‘Manage Projects’ dedicated page, located within your Organization Dashboard. This page allows a user to create, copy, delete, export, filter, search for, share, unshare yourself from, and edit the settings of Innoslate projects.


Navigating to Manage Projects

When you first sign in to Innoslate, you will find yourself in your ‘Organization Dashboard‘. From here, click the grey ‘Manage Projects’ button in the ‘My Projects’ panel.



From any view of Innoslate, you may also access the ‘Manage Projects‘ page by opening the ‘Switch Projects’ drop-down located on the top navigation bar and clicking the ‘Manage Projects’ menu item.


Functions Available to Manage Your Projects

Below is a list of available functions and a short description. Click on the name of a function for more information. 

Function Description
Project Management Settings Learn how to navigate the processes of project creation, duplication, editing, and deletion to ensure your projects align with your evolving needs and objectives.
Project Banner Learn how to effectively use and customize the Project Banner to enhance your project's visibility, organization, and navigation
Search and Filter Understand how to utilize these powerful tools to locate specific projects efficiently and streamline your project view based on your specific needs.
Exporting Projects Understand how you to create a portable and shareable version of your project to take advantage of the cloud-based platform.
Shared Access Management Learn how to share and unshare your projects effectively, providing or revoking access to other users or teams.

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