Project Banner

Understanding and Utilizing the Project Banner in Innoslate for Enhanced Project Visualization

1.   In the header of any project page in Innoslate, select the gear icon, then select ‘Banner’ from the dropdown menu. 

Project Banner Button

2.   The Banner window will appear. Select the template option you would like displayed from the dropdown menu and then click the ‘Show Advanced’ button to expand the banner settings.

Choose a Banner Template

3.   Select the eye icon on each banner you would like to have displayed. Select the crossed-out eye icon to remove the banners.

Show/Hide Banner Button

4.   With the eye icon toggled on, you can change the text by clicking in the text box and typing. You can also change the text size by clicking in the text size box and typing.

Change Banner Text

5.   To change text color select the ‘A’ icon and select a color using the color palette. If you want to reset to the default color, select the eraser icon.

Change Banner Color

7.  Once you are done customizing the banner(s), click ‘Save’ to apply the settings. 


Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 1.06.24 PM


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