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Learn about the Power of Search and Filter in Innoslate Projects.

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Feature Description
Searching for a Project Searching for a project in Innoslate allows you to quickly locate specific projects using keywords or project names.
Filtering a Project Filtering projects in Innoslate helps you streamline your view by specifying criteria, enabling quicker access to relevant projects.

Searching for a Project

To search for one or more of your existing projects in ‘Manage Projects,’ locate the ‘Find a Project…’ text box in the top right corner of your ‘Manage Projects’ panel.



Type in your search keyword to find your desired project by Folder, Project Id, Project Name, Description words, or Created by date. Then, hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass button to the right of your entered text to display your search results.

Hint: To search for a project by its Id, search for ‘id:’ and then (partial Id numbers are acceptable).



Filtering a Project

On Innoslate‘s ‘Manage Projects’ page, you have the option to filter your existing projects using the left sidebar’s Filter’ tab.

manage projects filter tab

If you wish to filter your existing projects, simply click on the option listed in the Filter’ tab for which projects you’d like to view. You may filter by: 

‘All’ Selecting ‘All’ will show you all of your existing projects.
‘Active Projects’ Selecting ‘Active Projects’ will filter your view to only show your most recently accessed active projects.
‘Owned by You’ Selecting ‘Owned by You’ will filter your view to only show projects that you’ve created in Innoslate.
‘Shared with You’ Selecting ‘Shared with You’ will filter your view to only show projects that have been shared with you by other users.
‘Folders’ Under ‘Folders’ you will see a list of all of the existing project folders and how many projects are saved in each. You can select any folder name to filter your view to only show projects within that folder.


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