ChatGPT AI Overview

Innoslate Chat, powered by ChatGPT technology, revolutionizes the way users interact with Innoslate, bringing unparalleled convenience and efficiency to their experience.

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Innoslate AI Chat is made up of two separate chats: AI Assistant and Innoslate Help. The two features have been implemented in Innoslate enhance the user experience.  The ChatGPT AI Chatbots are available on Innoslate Cloud, Innoslate GovCloud and Innoslate Enterprise.

Note: There is a 1000 token limit on AI Chatbot commands for the Academic and Trial Demo licenses to limit data traffic. 

Access AI Chats

To access these chats, navigate to the wrench⚙️ icon on the top-right bar. There are two different chatbots available on this menu, AI Assistant and Innoslate Help. Select AI Assistant for your general questions and select Innoslate Help for Innoslate-specific questions.

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Innoslate Help

Furthermore, Innoslate users can benefit from the Innoslate Help chatbot, which has been trained on the Innoslate Help Center. Powered by ChatGPT, this chatbot offers a comprehensive knowledge base, serving as a reliable source of guidance and assistance.

innoslate help chat ai

Note: The Innoslate Help ChatBot can only understand and answer to questions and concerns regarding Innoslate's Concepts and Help Center Content. 

AI Assistant

The AI Assistant allows users to assist with a wide range of generic questions. Leveraging the power of ChatGPT, the AI Assistant provides intelligent responses, guiding users through their queries with accuracy and expertise. In simple terms, the AI Assistant is an immediate short-cut to ChatGPT's interface, now accessible through Innoslate.

Note: The AI Assistant is trained on the internet before September 2021.

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Rich Text Editor AI Assistant

The AI Assistant can also be accessed within an HTML text box in various parts of Innoslate, such as within a requirements document. As an example, observe the requirements document, with several math equations inside.

Help Center _ AI Chat Large Text

Once you have completed writing your “requirements” or in this case, math problems, simply click the AI Assistant button underlined in red. Your text within the box will be copied, and if you press enter, all three problems will be solved at the same time.

Another example of this usage is when putting a verification requirement directly into the assistant with no other information, it suggests ways to verify the requirement, as shown below. The information in the answer can be used to develop one or more Test Cases for that requirement. This capability enables the requirements developer to create test cases at the same time as the requirements, thus enhancing the verifiability of the requirements and speeding up the entire process, as many requirements can be tested initially through simulation in Innoslate.

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The AI Assistant can also be used to clarify or gain a better understanding of domain-specific concepts for someone not in the domain. In the example below, if someone doesn't know what vehicle first-mode natural frequency is, they can select the AI Assistant in the text box and ask it for more information.

Help Center _ AI Chat Large Text 3

When using the AI Assistant within an entity, it transfers over the text in the description field to the input for the AI Assistant chat box. This can be useful for exploring more information about a requirement, which can be used to expand on the requirement or even write test cases, but it depends on the wording of the requirement. The requirement in the example both when inputted into the AI Assistant returned additional information about the context of the requirement. 

Help Center _ AI Chat Large Text 4

When adding a request for help in improving the requirement, the AI Assistant can return a suggested revision, like in the example below. 

Help Center _ AI Chat Large Text 5

Since the AI Assistant is accessible throughout Innoslate and in every entity description, it can be used to help start the creation of diagrams. In the example below, a prompt was inputted to get an initial process for launching and maneuvering a satellite. 

Help Center _ AI Chat Large Text 6


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