AI Assistant Use Cases

Learn about the different use cases for the AI Assistant Feature on Innoslate

The AI Assistant is a feature on Innoslate powered by ChatGPT that provides intelligent responses, guiding users through their queries with accuracy and expertise.

This feature is available in two locations on Innoslate:

  1. In Project Preferences
  2. In the Rich Text Editor

In this article, we will be going over each of section, providing use cases to enhance comprehension of the AI Assistant on Innoslate.

Note: It is important to mention that although the feature appears in two different spots, the functionality of the feature is the same. The only distinction between the two is that the Rich Text Editor AI Assistant copies the text inside the description field in the chatbot. 

Project Preferences

The AI Assistant can be used to ask any question, like general systems engineering questions. Similar to ChatGPT on OpenAI, the chatbot on Innoslate is limited to the latest ChatGPT live index. The feature will be available in "Project Preferences" on any Innoslate interface.

ai assistant

General Inquiry

In the use case below, the AI Assistant responds to a question regarding Mission Requirements. As mentioned, this chatbot is proficient at general commands and can answer questions unrelated to Innoslate Help Center.

ai assistant 2

Generate Ideas

Another use case for AI Assistant would be to utilize the feature to get a head start on concepts and ideas that engineers want to create. In the use case below, the chatbot is used to create ideas for possible requirements regarding a Lunar Rover Prototype. This can be a useful tool that can be taken advantage of in the brainstorming stages of any engineers work.

ai assistant 3

Translate Text to Other Languages

The AI Assistant is capable of translating the input text given to many languages. This use case is helpful for foreign users of Innoslate that could use language guidance when using the tool. The quick access to a translator can save time and effort in navigating through different platforms to use the software.

ai assistant 4


In the Rich Text Editor

Like mentioned before, the AI Assistant can be used to ask any question, like general systems engineering questions. The feature is also available in the toolbar for any Rich Text Editor on Innoslate. Rich Text Editors are commonly available entities, diagram entity description fields, etc. 

ai assistant 5

You can access the AI Assistant using the chatbot button displayed in red. After clicking the button, the text inside the box will be copied exactly as is into the chatbot command box. With that, users can then use the information and create questions and commands.

Create Rationale from Requirement

In this use case, the chatbot is able to create a rationale for an existing requirement on Innoslate. This feature allows for simultaneous work with an AI language that can expand on your current work on Innoslate and create more documentation.

ai assistant 6ai assistant 7

Learn about System Specifications

In this use case, the user needs to learn about a certain specification in order to create the requirement documentation. The "xx" represents the information that the user wants learn about. Using the chatbot, the user is able to learn about the information they are inquiring and complete the requirement using the AI Assistant.

ai assistant 8ai assistant 9

Create ideas for Step Action

In this use case, the user needs to create the next step of an action diagram. The chatbot is used to create ideas to what the next step in the action diagram would be. The feature allows the user to brainstorm more ideas through the AI Assistant. In this example, the AI suggests that the next step would be to analyze and make improvements to the prototype. 

ai assistant 10ai assistant 11


Generate the "Expected Result"

In this use case, the user aims to create "expected result" for the test suite step procedure in the Test Center. Through using the AI Assistant, the user is able to prompt the chatbot with a command to generate the expected result of the test, based on the information that's been given to the AI. 

ai assistant 12ai assistant 13


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