Entity View Overview

Manage all the information tied to each entity.

The Entity View displays all of the information contained in one entity. Some features of this view include modifying attributes, creating new and modifying existing relationships, assigning labels, and running reports.



To navigate to Entity View, select an entity and find the open dropdown button on the toolbar. When the open dropdown is opened, click on the drop-down option ‘Entity View.’

General Functions

  • Auto Number: Auto numbers the root entity and its childrenChoose
  • Labels: Add and remove labels from the entity
  • Delete Entity: Delete an entity from the database
  • Duplicate Entity: Create an identical copy of the entity
  • Lock Entity: Prevent any new changes on the entity
  • Add an Image: Choose an image to show for the entity
  • Restore Entity: View entity history and restore to an earlier point
  • Report Entity: Generate and download reports of the entity
  • Set Attributes: Set attribute fields of the entity
  • Transform Entity: Transform the entity to a new class and copy over attributes
  • Change Requests: Create or review change requests based on user role.

Relationships Functions

Add Relationships: Add relationships to existing and new entities

Edit Relationships: Edit existing relationships between entities

Delete Relationships: Delete relationships between entities


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