Diagrams Dashboard Overview

Manage your diagrams on Innoslate's Diagrams Dashboard.

The Diagrams Dashboard functions as the central hub for all the diagrams in an Innoslate project. This dashboard provides users with abilities to create, modify, organize, search, and filter diagrams according to their preferences. Additionally, users have the option to customize this dashboard and save the layout for their team to access.

diagrams dashboard overview

Navigating to Diagrams Dashboard

From the Top Navigation Bar, click on 'Diagrams'.

diagrams nav bar

If users don't see 'Diagrams' in the top navigation bar, it can be found under the 'MENU' dropdown on the top left of the navigation bar, under the 'General' heading.

diagrams menu dropdown

Adding Widgets to the Diagrams Dashboard

Innoslate users can modify their Dashboard and organize it by the ‘Add Widget’ button on the Diagrams Dashboard.

add widget diagrams dash

A pop up appears allowing users to select from two options:

diagrams dashboard widget options

  • The 'All Existing Diagrams' widget contains all existing saved diagrams in an Innoslate project.
  • The 'Diagram Card' widget allows users to easily access an individual diagram outside of the 'All Existing' widget.

After selecting a widget, take note of the 'Save to project' toggle. When enabled, all users who have access to the project will be able to view the widget on their Diagrams Dashboard.

save to project modal diagrams dash

All Existing Diagrams Widget

aed widget diagrams dash

The 'All Existing Diagrams' widget is where users can conveniently access all of the diagrams in their Innoslate project. Innoslate users have a variety of options available to them for filtering, sorting, searching, and interacting with diagrams within this widget.

top right aedy diagrams dash

When users hover their mouse over the top right of the heading bar a 'Lock' appears so that this widget remains in place on their Diagram's Dashboard.

Users can also remove this widget from their Dashboard by clicking the 'Close (X)'button.

Also, there is a 'Reports' button for users to export their diagrams as a DOCX or PPTX. 

report download diagrams dash

When this 'Reports' button is selected, a pop up appears with a dropdown to allow users to include name, number, description, created by, created on and modified on data to their report. Then users can select DOCX or PPTX for download. Include a name and select the 'Download' button to create the report.

diagram report modal diag dashNote, if you filter the widget for certain diagram types, only those diagram types will be selected for the report. 

In the 'All Existing Diagrams' widget users can filter the diagrams by diagram type:

filter diag dash

Sort the diagrams by most recently created date, most recently modified date, name or number:

sort dia dash-1

Users may also use the 'Advanced Search Editor' or the 'Search Field' to query and find a specific diagram:

Search aedw diag dash

When a user clicks on the 'Advanced Search Editor' a pop up will appear:

ASE diag dash

The 'Advanced Search Editor' will reflect the previous sort and filter options discussed from the upper left side of the 'All Existing Diagrams' Widget. It also provides users the ability to add on and build their query in the pop-up window. Users can choose from a variety of ordering and sorting options, such as ascending or descending, and utilize additional options to effectively search for diagrams.

The 'Search Field' allows users to type in their query for a specific type of diagram or clear their query here:

clear search aedw diag dashboard

Users can also easily browse through their diagrams by paging on the lower left corner and select the number of diagrams they prefer to display in this widget with the 'Tiles per Page' dropdown on the lower right corner.paging aedw diagrams dash

Additionally, users may save their layouts on their Diagrams Dashboard. When a change is made on the dashboard, the 'Save Dashboard Layout' option will appear.

SAve dashboard layout diagrams dash

Modifying Diagrams from a Diagram Card in the All Existing Diagrams Widget

diag card aedw diag dash

Users of Innoslate have the ability to modify their individual diagrams directly from the diagrams card within the 'All Existing Diagrams' Widget. Each Diagram Card in this widget signifies a diagram. When hovering over the header of each diagram card, users will see icons that provide options to modify the corresponding diagram. Below, is a comprehensive overview of these options.
  • Edit Entity 

edit entity diag card diag dash

Clicking on the 'Edit Entity' icon will open a pop-up that enables users to modify the root entity of the diagram, known as the Diagram's root entity. This feature allows users to edit fields such as the root entity's name, number, description, and labels.

edit root asset window

  • Refresh Image

refresh image diag card diag dash

To update the thumbnail image and make it visible on the Dashboard, simply click on the 'Refresh Image' icon. This feature comes in handy when importing a diagram or when users would like to update the thumbnail image.
  • Clone Diagram

Clone Diag Card Diag Dash

Users have the ability to duplicate a diagram using the 'Clone Diagram' button. When a user clicks on this icon, a pop-up window will appear, allowing users to create a name for the new diagram and optionally include cross-project entities.
clone diagram window
  • Delete

delete diag card diag dash

Users have the option to remove a diagram card by clicking on the 'Delete Diagram' icon. It's important to note that although the icon says 'Delete Diagram,' it won't actually delete the diagram data. Instead, it will remove the diagram card from the 'All Existing Diagrams' widget and delete any personalization made to the diagram by the user, such as layout, color changes, and displayed levels. A confirmation will appear to confirm the removal of the diagram card, but please note that the diagram data itself will not be deleted.

confirm delete diagram window

⚠️Since this option does not delete the entities, you can always reopen the diagram to get the diagram back.

  • Reports

reports diag card diag dash

Innoslate users can export a PNG of the Diagram thumbnail image or an XML or INNO of the whole diagram from the 'Reports'  button of a Diagram Card.

report diag card dropdown diag dash

Create a New Diagram

To create a Diagram, the blue 'Create Diagram' button is available on the top right of the Diagrams Dashboard. This button is actually 2 buttons  (both are squared off in the image below), there is a main button that is the long rectangle and will start a new root entity (the root entity is also known as the parent entity of the diagram) this is the defaulted option. The second button is the arrow dropdown and gives users the options to start a new diagram or start one with an already existing entity as the diagram's root entity. create diagram diag dash