Visualizing Project Data

Easily analyze and communicate your project data by visualizing it in various views in Innoslate.

Throughout Innoslate there is an 'Open' dropdown available for users to visualize the data in another way than the current view they're in. The 'Open' dropdown available throughout Innoslate will automatically provide the available diagrams, charts and views for that entity. The available options in this dropdown are dependent upon the class of the entity. Because each view is different, each view will show different relationships to other entities depending on the view selected. No matter what view a user is in, changes made in one view are reflected in all the others. In other words, Innoslate's data is in concordance and the views are data driven by the data in the database.

Below are some examples to utilize the 'Open' dropdown.

Example 1:

View your Document as a Hierarchy Diagram

Starting from Document's View, select the top most entity, then select the 'Open' dropdown and select the 'Hierarchy Diagram' option:

open dropdown docs viewInnoslate will then change the view to show the document as a Hierarchy Diagram:

hierarchy diagram from docs view example

Users can now modify the document from the Hierarchy Diagram and will see those changes when going back to the Document's Documents View. The video below shows this in action.

Note, in order for the 'Save' button to appear after making changes made in the diagram, click outside of the entity in the canvas.

Example 2:

View the traceability of a requirement in the Spider Diagram.

Starting from Document's View, select the desired entity, then select the 'Open' dropdown and select the 'Spider Diagram' option:

docs view to spider diagram

The view will update to the Spider Diagram and show the relationships from the selected entity to other entities in the project.

spider diagram from docs view

Example 3:

View your Action Diagram as an Activity Diagram and IDEF0.

When users are working within a diagram in Innoslate, they can view it as other diagrams with the 'Open' dropdown. The video below starts in an LML Action Diagram, opens it up into a SysML Activity Diagram and then again from the Action Diagram opens the diagram as an IDEF0. Note, in order for the new diagram to save so it appears in the All Existing Diagrams Widget on the Diagrams Dashboard, make a quick modification in the diagram to save (as shown in the video).


⚠️It is important to note that the above examples are just a small sample size of how Innoslate users can utilize the 'Open' dropdown.  


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