Test Suites View

Test Suite View Overview

Learn about Efficient Test Management with Innoslate's Test Suite View.

The Test Suite View in Innoslate is a comprehensive tool designed to organize, manage, and visualize test cases and their results within a project. This article will highlight the purpose of the Test Suite View, highlight its uses, and elaborate on the key capabilities it offers to users.

Decoding Test Suite View

The Test Suite View is a crucial part of the Innoslate platform, offering several significant benefits in V&V processes:

  1. Test Management: It serves as a one-stop-shop for managing all your test cases, streamlining test planning and execution processes.

  2. Visualization of Test Results: The Test Suite View provides an intuitive and visual representation of expected and actual test results, simplifying the interpretation and analysis of test outcomes.

  3. Progress Tracking: Using the Status Roll-Up, users are able to monitor the progress of testing activities, identifying areas that need attention and tracking improvements over time.


  • Entity: An entity refers to a specific test case within your project. Each test case is a unique entity and can have various attributes such as a name, description, associated requirements, etc.

  • Expected Result: This is the predicted outcome of a test case. It outlines what should happen when the test is executed under specified conditions. By comparing the expected result to the actual result, you can determine whether a test has passed or failed.

  • Actual Result: This is the real outcome of the test case after it's been executed. This result is then compared with the expected result to verify if the system under test behaves as expected.

  • Status: This denotes the current condition of a test case. Status can include different stages like 'Not Run', 'In Progress', 'Blocked', 'Passed', and 'Failed'. It gives you a quick overview of the progress of your testing activities.

  • Status Roll-Up: This feature provides an aggregated view of the test case statuses. It sums up the overall status of all test cases within a project or a particular subset of test cases, rolling up all the way to the parent entity.

Overall View:

test suite view