Test Suite Card Widget

View Test Suite in your project dashboard using Test Suite Card Widget

The Test Suite Card Widget offers a summary view of a test suite, providing essential information like the number of test cases, their statuses, and results. It simplifies the management of testing activities and allows for quick navigation to the full test suite. The widget can be available in The Project Dashboard, as well as the Test Center Dashboard.

Adding a ‘Test Suite Card’ Widget

1.   From your Project Dashboard, click the ‘ Add Widget’ button.

add widget project dashboard

2.   The ‘Adding Widget’ modal will appear. Select ‘Project Wiki‘.

add ts card widget project dashboard 2

3.   Select your desired Test Suite.

ts card widget window


Widget Options

ts card widget icons

From left to right:
  • Lock Widget
  • Edit Entity
  • Refresh Image
  • Clone Test Suite
  • Delete Test Suite
  • Reports
  • Edit Widget
  • Close


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