Sopatra Import Analyzer Overview

Import information into Sopatra with the automated import feature, Import Analyzer.

The key to importing information into Sopatra is the automated import feature called ‘Import Analyzer.’ You will now find separate tabs for each type of file with stepped walkthroughs on each tab to guide you through the process of successfully importing that particular type of file.



‘Import Analyzer’ is designed to handle importing from Sopatra File Group or importing/migrating entities of any class from importing previously-exported Innoslate (.xml or .inno) files.

Navigating to Import Analyzer

From any view on Sopatra, click the ‘Import Analyzer’ menu item icon on the top right of the Sopatra menu bar.


Available Import Functions

Function Description
Importing a Sopatra File Group You can import the necessary files to run a Sopatra Process.
Importing an Innoslate Export (.inno, .xml) Files You can import an Innoslate Export (.inno, .xml) file into Sopatra.


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