Learn more about how Innoslate projects collect and organize your data.

What is a Project?

An Innoslate project serves as a comprehensive compilation of entities, providing a systematic approach to organizing and managing your project's data efficiently.  A project can include any number of requirements documents, system models, simulation results, reports, and more. These can be reviewed and created within the views and dashboards provided within an Innoslate project.

Each project is assigned a distinct name, numerical ID, dedicated database, and URL. Additionally, you have the option to provide a description and folder for improved organization of your projects within your organizational sandbox. Lastly, when you collaborate with other users by sharing your project, you will be able to see with whom the project is shared.

Innoslate users have the ability to create new projects, modify the names and descriptions of existing projects, share their projects with another Innoslate user within their organization, and delete projects if no longer necessary (do note that deleting a project can only be done by a user with the Owner project role).

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