Sopatra Diagrams

Generate Diagram Reports

Generate a full report of all diagrams and reports of a filtered set of diagrams in Sopatra's Diagrams Dashboard.

Within the ‘Diagrams Dashboard,’ you can generate a full report of all diagrams and reports of a filtered set of diagrams, depending on which settings you have on the ‘All Existing Diagrams’ widget.


Navigating to the Diagram Report Component



Hover over the top right corner of the ‘All Existing Diagrams’ widget with your mouse and click the  ‘Reports’ button and then the ‘Download Report’ dropdown menu option which should open the ‘Download a Diagram Report’ modal.

  1. From here, choose which options you wish to include in the report. All the available options are shown in the image below.
  2. Choose which ‘File Type’ you want your report to be downloaded into DOCX or PPTX. Then give your report an optional name and click ‘Download’ to begin running the diagrams report.
  3. Once you’ve customized your report and decided which format to choose (DOCX or PPTX), give the report a meaningful name, then click ‘Download’.

Finished Product

Once your report has been generated, you can review it and edit it as you please. The report should look something like this:


Tutorial Video