Entity Table Widget

Display the entities of your project in a table, based on a custom search query and user-selected attributes with the Entity Table Widget.

The ‘Entity Table’ widget displays the entities of your project in a table, based on a custom search query and user-selected attributes. Each row of the table represents an entity, with each cell providing a text representation of that entity’s attributes, allowing you to closely monitor entities that are of particular interest to you.


Adding an ‘Entity Table’ Widget

1.   From your Project Dashboard, click the ‘ Add Widget’ button.

add widget


2.   The ‘Adding Widget’ modal will appear. Select ‘Entity Table’.



3.   Choose which columns to display in your ‘Entity Table’ widget. Select the First Column to Display and Additional Columns.

entity table widget column fields

4.   Click and drag the ‘Entity Limit’ slider to set the number of entities to display in the table rows.



5.   Enter a search query to use for the entities. This step is optional but will help narrow down which entities are going to be displayed in the table. If you need assistance in building search queries, visit ‘Searching for Entities‘.


6.   Once you have your desired settings, click ‘Add’ to add the widget to the dashboard.


7.   This should now display a table of all the entities matching your search query up to the specified limit with all the columns you selected. Click one of the rows to navigate to that entity’s ‘Entity View’.


Entity Table Widget Icons

lock icon Lock and secure the Entity Table Widget's location and settings.

advanced search entity table widget iconFor query assistance, the 'Advanced Search Editor' is accessible by hovering over the widget and clicking the magnifying glass icon.

close widget icon Close and remove the Entity Table from the Project Dashboard.

edit widget icon Brings up the Edit Entity Table window to modify the widget.

edit entity table widget window


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