DoDAF Card Widget

Enable Defense Architecture Management with the DoDAF Card Widget on Innoslate

Note: All of the content in this Article is Unclassified.

Tailored for projects that use the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), this widget displays a summary of a selected DoDAF model. It allows users to view and manage DoDAF data directly from the dashboard, increasing efficiency and accessibility. The widget can be available in The Project Dashboard, as well as the DoDAF Dashboard.

Adding a ‘Document Card’ Widget

1.   From your Project Dashboard, click the ‘ Add Widget’ button.

add widget project dash

2.   The ‘Adding Widget’ modal will appear. Select ‘DoDAF Card‘.

add widget dodaf card project dash

3.   Select your DoDAF Product and Targeted Entity.

dodaf card window

Widget Options

dodaf card icons

From left to right:
  • Lock Widget
  • Edit Entity
  • Refresh Image
  • Clone Document
  • Delete DoDAF Product
  • Reports
  • Edit Widget
  • Close


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