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Document Indicators

Identify the different indicators available in Documents View.

The indicators in a Document allow the user to easily see the statuses of entities in the current document. Currently, Documents have five different indicators. These indicators are Locked, Comment, Information, Traceability established and Cross Project.

The Locked Indicator indicates that an entity is locked and can't be edited. A closed padlock is used for this indicator.

Locked docs view


Comment Indicator indicates that an entity contains unresolved comments. A blue chat icon is used for this indicator.

Comment Docs View


Information Indicator indicates special instruction associated with an entity. A yellow lightning bolt icon is used for this indicator.

Information Docs View


The Traceability indicators, circled in red below, signify the primary traceability relationships between the indicated requirement and other entities. The 'S' indicator stands for 'satisfied by', the 'T' indicator stands for 'traced to', and the 'V' indicator stands for 'verified by'. When these specific relationships are established for a requirement, these indicators will appear to show that the requirement has the corresponding relationship.

traceability indicators docs view

Cross Project Indicator indicates an entity is being used from another project. Two purple crossing arrows icon is used for this indicator.

Cross-Project Docs View


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