Document Card Widget

Access any document type from your Project Dashboard or Documents Dashboard using the Document Card Widget.

Add a Document Card Widget Add a Document Card Widget on a Dashboard
Lock a Document Card Widget Lock a Document Card Widget to a Dashboard 
Edit a Document Card Widget Edit the Root Entity of a Document Card Widget
Refresh Image of a Document Card Widget Refresh the thumbnail image of a Document Card Widget
Clone a Document on a Document Card Widget Clone a document from the Document Card Widget
Delete a Document on the Document Card Widget Delete a Document from the Document Card Widget
Export a Document from the Document Card Widget Export a document from the Document Card Widget
Modify the Document referenced on a Document Card Widget Modify the target entity to reference a new document within the Document Card Widget
Close a Document Card Widget Close out a Document Card Widget


The Document Card Widget provides a user-friendly way to access documents within an Innoslate project. With a thumbnail image of the document's content, users can easily make (some) modifications and navigate directly to the document for efficient document management. This widget is conveniently available in both the Project Dashboard and the Documents Dashboard.

Adding a ‘Document Card’ Widget

1.   From the Project or Documents Dashboard, click the ‘ Add Widget’ button.



2.   The ‘Adding Widget’ pop up will appear. Select ‘Document Card‘.

add_document_Card_project_ashboard add_Document_card_on_document_Dashboard


3.   Select a 'Document Type 'and 'Targeted Entity.' Take note of the 'Save to Project' Modal located on the top right corner. This ensures that the Document Card will be visible to all project members. Be sure to select the 'Add' button to add the Document Card widget to the dashboard.

Adding Doc Card Pop Up

Widget Header Options

document card Widget Header Options

From left to right
  • Lock Widget
    Lock Docs Card Widget
    Innoslate users can lock a Document Card Widget on their Dashboard. This allows the widget to stay in its current spot on the dashboard. Modifications to a locked widget will be limited.
  • Edit Entity

Edit Entity Docs Card Docs Dash

Clicking on the 'Edit Entity' icon will open a pop-up that enables users to modify the root entity of the document, known as the Artifact entity. This feature allows users to edit the Artifact's name, number, description, and labels.

Edit Root Artifact Pop Up Docs Dash

  • Refresh Image

Refresh Image Docs Card Widget

To update the thumbnail image and make it render on the Dashboard, simply click on the 'Refresh Image' icon. This feature comes in handy when importing a document.

    • Clone Document

    Clone Doc Docs Card

    Users have the ability to duplicate a document and its contents using the 'Clone Document' button. When a user clicks on this icon, a pop-up window will appear, allowing users to create a name for the new document and optionally include cross-project entities.

    Clone Document Pop Up Docs Dash

    • Delete Document

    Delete Document docs card widget

    Users have the option to delete an artifact and its contents by clicking on the 'Delete Document' icon.

    A confirmation will appear to ensure that the user understands that deleting the document and its contents is irreversible.

    delete document confirmation popup docs dash

    • Reports

    reports doc card

    Innoslate users can export a PNG of the Document Card's thumbnail image or an XML or INNO of the whole document from the 'Reports'  button of a Document Card.

    docs card widget report dropdown

    • Edit Widget

    Edit Widget Docs Card Widget

    The 'Edit Widget' icon in the Document Card Widget allows users to change the target entity of the widget. A new document will be referenced in the widget when a user modifies this. A pop up will appear to allow the user to select the new 'Document Type' and 'Target Entity.'

    Edit root Pop Up Docs card

    • Close Widget

      Close Docs Card Widget

    This feature allows you to remove the 'Document Card' widget from your Dashboard.


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