Countdown Clock Widget

Use the Countdown Clock Widget for any sort of deadline.

The Project Dashboard features a Countdown Clock Widget, enabling users to monitor the time remaining before a deadline, presentation, or any other scheduled event/date. The widget shows the amount of time toward the target date in the center and the target date at the bottom.

coundown clock widget

After following the usual steps to add a widget and selecting the Countdown Clock widget, the widget popup will appear to select the following:

coundown clock window

  • Title
  • Target Date
  • Text Color and Reset
  • Background Image Before URL 
    Right-click the image on a webpage and click “Copy Image Link”/”Copy Image Address”
  • Background Image After URL
  • You can also set your countdown to an entity's attribute within your project. By attaching it to an entity, edits to that entity’s target date will be reflected in the Countdown Clock widget.

coundown clock window 2


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