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Compilation View Overview

Exploring the Powerful Data Integration and Analysis Features of Innoslate's Compilation View

Innoslate's Compilation View is a view that allows any and all entity classes into an Innoslate Document View. The idea of "compiling" all entity classes into this easy to navigate and read view is what inspired the movement towards "Compilation" View, leading to the creation of a revolutionary feature in Innoslate. The Compilation View allows for a collaborative way to combine, review, and collaborate on all entity class types. It provides an organized and efficient hierarchical way for all stakeholders to review the entities, make changes, and easily identify and address any discrepancies.

The Compilation View in Innoslate is equipped with a range of features that enhance its usability and functionality:

  1. Flexible Data Display: The Compilation View can display data in any formats, including tables, charts, and diagrams, allowing users to choose the most effective presentation for their data.

  2. Real-time Data Updates: As project data is updated the Compilation View automatically reflects the latest information, ensuring up-to-date insights.

  3. Customizable Views: Users can customize the Compilation View to suit their needs, adjusting the layout, choosing which data to display, and defining the level of detail shown.

  4. Interactive Organization: The Compilation View supports interactive organization, enabling users to expand and collapse sections of data, filter data based on specific criteria, and navigate directly to source documents.

There are unique elements of the Compilation View that we would like to highlight that make Compilations View stand out:

Entity Selections:

compilation view 1

All of the the class entities in your schema are available for creating new and adding existing entities under the same document format. This allows users to combine various diagrams and documentation into one view. If there are schema extensions to customized projects, those added classes will also be available.

Class Entity Tracking:

compilation view 2

Compilation View allows the document interface to keep track of the number of entity classes created by the user, as well as keeping track of the labels selected through the metadata.


In order to satisfy the comprehensive needs of all class types, we identified the common denominator for all classes which is labels. Label column attributes are available as presets available for users. All specific or general labels are also available for class entities and can be added onto the interface.

Comprehensive View:

compilation view 3

All in all, The Compilation View in Innoslate is a powerful tool for integrated data management and analysis. Its flexibility, real-time data updates, customizable views, and interactive navigation capabilities make it an invaluable resource for users seeking to effectively manage and analyze their project data when doing systems engineering.

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