Communication Widgets

Effective Collaboration with Innoslate's Communication Widgets

Communication Widgets in Innoslate are designed to enhance collaboration among team members and streamline information flow within a project.

  • Activity Feed Widget: This widget provides a real-time feed of all the activities happening within a project. It tracks and displays actions such as changes made to documents, updates to project status, new task assignments, etc. This stream of information helps team members stay informed about the ongoing changes in the project and enables them to respond in a timely manner.

  • Comments Feed Widget: The Comments Feed widget provides a platform for team members to engage in conversation about the project. Any comments or discussions taking place on project documents or tasks are aggregated and displayed in this feed. This centralization of communication helps foster collaboration and ensures that all team members are aware of ongoing discussions.

  • Change Request Widget: The Change Request widget is a critical tool for managing changes within a project. It provides an overview of all proposed changes, their current status, and any necessary actions. This widget helps maintain transparency in the change management process and allows users to track the progress of each change request from initiation to resolution.

  • Feedback Widget: The Feedback widget enables team members to provide comments, suggestions, or report issues directly within the project environment. This can include feedback on project management processes, system functionality, or any other aspect of the project. The feedback is collected in a centralized location, making it easier for project leaders to review and act upon.


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