Chart Widgets

Visualizing Project Elements with Innoslate's Chart Widgets

Chart Widgets in Innoslate provide a visual representation of project data, enabling users to easily comprehend and analyze complex information.

  • Bar Chart Widget: The Bar Chart widget in Innoslate visualizes data in the form of bars or columns. The length of each bar corresponds to the quantity of the data it represents. This widget is effective for comparing data across different categories and time periods.

  • Pie Chart Widget: The Pie Chart widget displays data in the form of a circle divided into sectors. Each sector represents a proportion of the whole, providing a quick view of the distribution and proportions of data categories. This widget is particularly useful when users need to understand the percentage breakdown of a set of data.

  • Board Progress Widget: The Board Progress Widget provides a snapshot of your project's progression. It shows the stages of your workflow as columns on a board, with tasks represented as cards moving from one column (or stage) to the next as work progresses. This widget gives you a quick overview of where everything stands, helping you identify bottlenecks and maintain smooth project progression.

  • Hierarchy Diagram Widget: The Hierarchy Diagram Widget visually represents relationships in a hierarchical structure, such as the breakdown of a project into subtasks or the organization of a team into roles and responsibilities. It provides a clear and intuitive depiction of complex structures, helping you understand and navigate the relationships and dependencies within your project.


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