Analysis Widgets

Unlocking Deep Insights with Innoslate's Analysis Widgets

Analysis Widgets are dedicated tools that help users process, analyze, and interpret project data, aiding in decision-making and planning. The analysis widgets on Innoslate will be located in the Intelligence Dashboard. To learn more about intelligence in Innoslate, check out the "Intelligence Dashboard Overview". The widgets below provide context and analysis of the data in the existing project.

  • Heuristic Analysis Widget: The Heuristic Analysis Widget provides a method to evaluate and optimize system models against a set of heuristic rules or best practices. It allows users to identify potential problems or areas of improvement in the system design or workflow. 

  • Overall Analysis Widget: The Overall Analysis Widget offers a comprehensive view of the project data and its interconnections. It examines the entirety of the project data to extract key insights and patterns that may not be immediately obvious. This widget could help identify trends, patterns, or anomalies in the data, offering a holistic understanding of the project.

  • Bar Chart Analysis Widget: This widget takes the Bar Chart one step further by incorporating statistical and trend analysis. Users can customize the visualization with multiple bars, stacking, or grouping of data. It allows users to draw insights and identify patterns in data more efficiently.