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Adding and Removing Requirements in an Innoslate Document

Conquer adding and removing Requirements in your Innoslate document.

Adding Entities to an Innoslate Document Steps to add a new entity to an Innoslate document.
Adding Existing Entities to a Document How to add an existing entity to an Innoslate document.
Delete and Remove an Entity from Documents View Removing or deleting entities in an Innoslate document.

In this section, we will delve into the process of adding and removing entities within an Innoslate Document. By following these steps, users can effectively manage and organize their project data. Let's explore how to seamlessly incorporate new entities and efficiently remove or delete existing ones to enhance the overall document structure and clarity.

Adding Entities to an Innoslate Document

To add a Requirement entity, click the “New Requirement” button.

Add Req Docs View

This will add the new Requirement entity to the end of your document.

To add a Statement entity instead, simply click on the dropdown button next to the "New Requirement" button and select the 'Statement' option.

Add Statement Docs View

When adding or selecting a Requirement or Statement entity, the attention will be directed towards the newly added entity, and the top toolbar will display options to add a new parent entity ('Add After') or add a child entity ('Add Child').

Add After and add Child Req View

Adding Existing Entities to a Document

To include an entity that already exists in an Innoslate project, choose 'Add Existing Entity' from the dropdown located next to 'New Requirement/Statement'.

Add Existing Enitity Docs View

The 'Add Existing Entity' pop up will appear with a dropdown of entities that can be added to the document. In the 'Select entity to relate' field, users may type in the name, number or prefix to an entity for easier searching.

Add Existing Entity Pop Up Docs ViewUsers may select how many entities they are seeing in the dropdown from the gear icon, under the 'Limit' section. They may also page through their entities with the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons below.

Limit on Existing Entity pop up docs view

  • Note, the 'Add Existing Entity' pop up allows users to select existing entities from within the project or bring in entities from other projects.  Bringing entities in from another project is known as cross-project relationships. For the step by step process of creating cross project relationships, visit that here.
  • To optimize the search for existing entities, input 'name:' or 'number:' followed by the desired name or number in the 'Select entity to relate' field.

Delete and Remove an Entity from Documents View

Upon selecting an entity, the top toolbar provides the option to remove the entity or to delete it from the project:

Remove options docs view

'Remove from Document' is the defaulted option if the Remove button is selected. To delete the entity from the database, select the dropdown and select 'Delete from Database'

To remove multiple entities all at once from a Document, we suggest using Database View.


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