Activity Feed Widget

View your most recent project updates with the Activity Feed Widget.

activity feed widget

The Activity Feed widget is a valuable tool for tracking and staying up-to-date on all the changes made within your project. It conveniently organizes your project updates by user and entity, providing a clear overview of the latest modifications. With each update displayed along with a direct link to the updated entity's Entity View, you can easily navigate to the specific details you need. Whether it's a creation, update, delete, the 'Activity Feed' widget ensures that you have a comprehensive view of all the recent changes in your project.

Adding an ‘Activity Feed’ Widget

1.   From your Project Dashboard, click the  Add Widget’ button.

add widget project dash


2.   The ‘Adding Widget’ modal will appear. Select ‘Activity Feed’.

activity feed add widget project dash


3.   Customize your ‘Activity Feed’ widget by choosing the ‘Type’ of activities (i.e. Creates, Updates, Deletes, etc.), ‘Username’ and ‘Date Range’ activity filters, and ‘Class’ and ‘Label’ entity filters. Once you have your desired settings, click ‘Add’ to add the widget to the dashboard.

activity feed widget customization project dash

Lock the Activity Feed Widget

Locking the Activity Feed Widget will secure its location on the Project Dashboard and save the Settings applied. After locking the widget, the only icons available are 'Unlock' and 'Report'.

Unlock it to be able to access the 'Settings' and to 'Close' icons.

Downloading an ‘Activity Feed’ Report

1.   Hover over the widget to reveal the header buttons, click the  Download Reports’ download button, and then select the ‘Download Activity Feed (CSV)’ option from the dropdown.

2.   The ‘Activity Feed Report’ modal will appear. From here you can customize the report options and filter which activities are included in the CSV report. The options to include in the Activity Feed Report from are Modification 'Type', Username, Date Range, Class, Label, Limit and Offset. Once you have your desired settings, click ‘Run’ to download the CSV report.

activity feed reports window

Edit Activity Feed Widget

If you want to focus on specific criteria in the widget, you can utilize the 'Settings' option, which allows users to further define your preferences. 

Selecting 'Settings' will trigger the below window so you may retitle the widget,select modification 'Type', select Username(s), select Date Range, or select Class and Labels. Select 'Set' to apply the settings. 

Take note of the 'Save to Project' toggle at the top as well, which ensures that all users in the project will see these settings applied in their projects.

Close the Acitivty Feed Widget

'Close' the Activity Feed Widget to remove it from your Project Dashboard.

Feel free to bring it back with the 'Add Widget' function.


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