User Collaboration

Learn about Innoslate's collaboration methods, made possible through cloud integration

In Innoslate we have collaborative features that allow multiple users to work simultaneously in the same project. Its real-time collaboration integrations make it possible for teams, regardless of location, to work together efficiently and seamlessly.

Users are notified of changes and can edit and annotate documents and diagrams concurrently, while automatic version tracking ensures all changes are recorded and can be rolled back if needed. 

Collaboration Notification

Innoslate has the capability to notify its user when others are viewing or editing the same documents. This feature refreshes in real-time, allowing teams to be in-sync and alerted of each other's presence at all times.

online users indicator

  • The user icon pops up in the navigation bar, indicating that there are other users in the same view as you.
  • The number value indicator communicates the number of users in the same view. 
  • By clicking on the User icon you can also view which users are working on the document.

Additionally, the user indicator icon shows up when users are clicked onto certain entities while working on the document. This feature allows users to communicate the sections that they are working on, further enabling other users to avoid working on the same entity. 

online users indicator 2

Note: Innoslate's HTML settings are set to save the latest version of save on Entities. We recommend users collaborating to avoid working on the same exact entity, to avoid saving errors.

Synchronize Alert

The "Synchronize" Alert on Innoslate aims to notify you that there is new content added by another user in the view you are in. While this alert refreshes the HTML User Interface, it does not affect the content other users have been working on.

synchronize indicator

Tutorial Video