Traceability Matrix

Traceability Matrix Features & Settings

Traceability Matrix Settings & Features

The Traceability Matrix in Innoslate provides a wide range of features and tools that will be explored in more detail below.

Searching the Traceability Matrix

Users may search their Traceability Matrix via Rows and Columns. To utilize the Search feature in a Traceability Matrix, users can hover their cursor in the top or bottom space left of the first entity in the Columns space of the Matrix. A magnifying glass will appear so users may click on it to have the search field appear. The top magnifying glass will search the X-Axis and the lower magnifiying glass will search the Y-Axis. Note, the image below has been modified for displaying purposes. The search icons will only appear one at a time as users hover their cursors over these areas in the Matrix.

search axis traceability matrix

Upon clicking on the respective magnifying glass, the below search field pops up for users to search the column or row. The Search field will pop up in the same location of the Matrix and the field indicates row or column for clarification, as shown below.

Search Rows Field

search row field  

Search Columns Field

search column field

The search looks for the query in the name field of the entities on the matrix. Upon entering a query, the search field updates and indicates how many entities contain the query and provides users the option to use the arrows to navigate through the search up and down (or left and right) on the selected axis. These options are highlighted in the image in black below. The entities containing the query will be highlighted in yellow and the current entity that it is focused on will be in orange, also shown below. Select the red 'X' to the right to disable the search.

search navigation


toolbar traceability matrixThe toolbar offers users a variety of tools and features to enhance their experience with the Traceability Matrix, which will be discussed in more detail below.

'Back' will navigate the user to their previous view prior to navigating to the Traceability Matrix view.

'Add Column' allows users to select add specific entities to the Column space. Users may select from the dropdown or use the gray icon for an entity in another project. Toggle the option to on as shown below to scroll to the new entity once selecting 'Add Columns'.

add column window traceability matrix

The 'Import' feature is specifically designed to import the Importable Matrix Report that is generated from Reports. This is useful for reports that have been edited in Excel and need to be imported back into Innoslate.

'Reports' provides an export of the Traceability Matrix  in the following formats:

  • Matrix Report (XLSX)

Matrix Report

  • Comma Separated (CSV)

CSV Traceability Matrix

  • Importable Matrix (CSV) 

The Importable Matrix report is specifically designed to be used with the Import feature in the Traceability Matrix. This is meant for those who would like to fill out their matrix in Excel then import.

Importable Matrix Report

Traceability Matrix Settings

traceability matrix settings menu

Indicator Options

traceability matrix settings indicators

The indicator options allows users to choose how the highglighted X and Y entities are indicated when hovering the cursor over the appropriate cell in the matrix. Each option will be shown in the video below. Note, the left sidebar will always reflect the entity's name number and description.


axis indicator traceability matrix

The corresponding entities are highlighted on the Rows and Columsn areas of the Matrix. The focused entities are also reflected on the left sidebar.

Cross cross indicator traceability matrix

A blue cross appears through the cells Rows and Columns. The middle of the cross is the focused cell and follows the cursor. The selected entities are also highlighted in the Rows and Columns. The focused entities are also reflected on the left sidebar.


text indicator traceability matrix
Nothing is indicated on the Matrix. The corresponding entities are reflected on the left sidebar only.

Checked Cell Options
checked cells settings traceability matrix

Users have the ability to customize the symbols that represent relationships within the cells on the Matrix via the settings menu. Various options are available for users to choose from:

  • x indicator 'X' 
  • checkmark indicator 'Checkmark'
  • innoslate indicator 'Innoslate'
  • star indicator 'Star'

Traceability Assist

‘Traceability Assist’ will automatically identify likely relationships using pre-trained machine learning models. The suggested relationships will highlight in green. The darker the color green, the higher confidence a relationship should be present.


Suspect Assist

‘Suspect Assist’ will automatically identify related entities which have few similarities and low confidence of correctness. The suspect relationships will highlight in red. The darker the color red, the higher confidence a relationship should not be present.

TraceabilityMatrix suspect assist


traceability settings menu pt2

The above options in the Settings Menu for the Traceability Matrix, allows users to clear the Assist indicators on their matrix, hide or show the root entities on both the X- and Y- axis, and get 'Help'by sending users to this webpage for their convenience.