Sopatra 1.0 Release Notes

Below is an outline of the new features included in Sopatra Version 1.0 release

Sopatra Release Notes 9/7/2021

  • Added: New purple-themed UI in Sopatra
  • Added: Ability to switch between Innoslate and Sopatra modes, if using the proper license
  • Added: Translation of uploaded Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents into Action Diagrams
  • Added: Time Distribution Database files can be imported into your project to make applying time distributions to actions more simple
  • Added: New Project Dashboard and Importer UIs for managing Sopatra upload Processes and document imports
  • Added: Discrete and MonteCarlo Simulators with downloadable reports, including Time of Procedure (ToP), Allowable Operational Time Window (AOTW), and Procedure Buffer Time (PBT) summaries