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Innoslate Enterprise 4.6 Release Notes

Below is an outline of all the changes made to Innoslate Enterprise.

Innoslate Enterprise Release Notes 10/24/2022


  • Improved: Updated Java dependencies to resolve vulnerabilities
  • Improved: User/Team attribute options will update after sharing a user without having to refresh 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Tour guide will start up correctly
  • Fixed: Schema-only options in XML export will work correctly
  • Fixed: Entity view deletion will navigate correctly if the entity no longer exists
  • Fixed: “Number is too long” error will no longer appear when you click the prev button when in a new document modal
  • Fixed: Default organization share modal will work correctly
  • Fixed: Academic organization share modal will work correctly
  • Fixed: Share modal share button will be disabled when no user is present to be added
  • Fixed: Database column attributes will be displayed correctly based on class or display all attributes if no class is applicable
  • Fixed: Entity images will display correctly when switching between selected entities
  • Fixed: History Report will correctly include Global Ids
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes in reports due to Java updates 


  • Updated: npm vulnerabilities patched
  • Updated: Java packages updated


Innoslate Enterprise Release Notes 6/10/2022

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Share modal will scroll correctly
  • Fixed: Switching permissions in the share modal on default organizations will work correctly
  • Fixed: Switching a user’s permission in a project, where the user has been removed from the project’s organization, will throw a warning message and remove the user from the project


Innoslate Enterprise Release Notes 6/6/2022

New Features:

  • Added: Project Dashboard has been updated with new widgets
  • Added: Diagram/Chart/Documents/Test Center/DODAF Manage Dashboards have been updated with new widgets
  • Added: Admin Dashboard has been updated with new widgets
  • Added: Intelligence Dashboard has been updated with new widgets
  • Added: Organization Dashboard has been updated with new widgets
  • Added: Project Management Dashboard has been updated with new widgets
  • Added: GitHub Dashboard has been updated with new widgets
  • Added: Schema Dashboard has been updated with new widgets
  • Added: Diagram/Chart/Documents/Test Center/DODAF Manage Dashboards can be created from existing entities
  • Added: Relationship Panel has a new tab called ‘Active’ to show all current relationships 
  • Added: SPECTER Lunar Rover project added as a new guided tour
  • Added: New Setup page when installing Innoslate
  • Added: Move from Tomcat 8 to Tomcat 9


  • Improved: Updated Dashboard widgets including: My Project, Activity Feed, Bar and Histogram Charts, Board Progress, Calendar. Hierarchy Diagram, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Polar Area Chart, Radar Chart, Scatter Chart, Diagram/Chart/Documents/Test Center/DODAF Image Widget, and Wiki Widget
  • Improved: Import Analyzer UI has been updated
  • Improved: Banner setting modal has been updated
  • Improved: Discrete Event Simulator and Monte Carlo UI have been updated
  • Improved: Discrete Event Simulator by default only have Status, Total Time, and Total Cost panels preloaded
  • Improved: Cross Project Info will appear in Metadata tab if entity is a crossed project
  • Improved: ‘Add Comment’ button will now disable until save is finished
  • Improved: Calendar, Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, Risk Burndown, and XY Plot Chart have been updated
  • Improved: Gantt Chart has a new full screen capture option to download images
  • Improved: Support Dashboard now supports partial searches in names and emails
  • Improved: Recent Projects widget in Organization dashboard will sort projects by modified date
  • Improved: Version Control UI has been updated
  • Improved: Entity Multiselects are more responsive with acceptable entities options
  • Improved: Re-Sign In, Sign out, and error handling redirects have been updated
  • Improved: Database UI has been updated
  • Improved: Chart images will be imported with .inno files
  • Improved: Multiselect and Enumeration property types should stay open when creating new choices
  • Improved: Navbar has been updated and a More tab has been added when too many links are pinned
  • Improved: Open dropdown has been updated
  • Improved: Autonomous Vehicle, FireSAT Satellite, and Musicify Streaming Service guided tours have been updated
  • Improved: Class diagram will now handle second fetches when adding existing entities
  • Improved: Acronym extractor has been updated
  • Improved: Documents and Test Center view has been updated
  • Improved: Selectors for all reports in Documents, Database, and Entity View have been converted to modals
  • Improved: Requirement diagrams orphan check has been updated
  • Improved: Class, BDD, and Package have new error message when circular relationships are detected 
  • Improved: Traceability Matrix has been updated and only valid relationship are allowed
  • Improved: The last used relationship tab option is saved in user preferences 
  • Improved: Activity Feed has two new filters: class and label, and Activity Feed report has three new filters: date, class, and label
  • Improved: Simulator will handle entities with 0 duration better and avoid deadlock between children and parents
  • Improved: Confirm canceling changes added to entity view
  • Improved: OV-2 changed from Asset to Physical IO diagram
  • Improved: Add ability to edit widget titles on the Project Dashboard
  • Improved: Spring packages upgraded

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Hierarchy Layout better centers the diagram image
  • Fixed: Chat now auto-focuses inputs text boxes
  • Fixed: Diagrams routes back to diagram view if root does not exist or is an incompatible class type (i.e. Asset root for an Action diagram)
  • Fixed: Discrete Event Simulator no longer renders Action Trace 3D until simulation starts
  • Fixed: Entity Relationship Matrix report will no longer have excel sheet with null 
  • Fixed: Existing sidebar no longer allows you to make duplicate thumbnails for each entity
  • Fixed: Calendar Chart image captures full month correctly
  • Fixed: Entity Table Report Rollup runs with Distribution correctly
  • Fixed: BDD, Class, ICD, Package, Risk, and Spider diagrams re-render in the Diagrams Manage Dashboard correctly
  • Fixed: Risk Burn-down and XY plot re-render in the Chart Manage Dashboard correctly
  • Fixed: TVM Report now works correctly
  • Fixed: Asset Diagram saves correctly after removing entity with a relationship
  • Fixed: Action Diagram saves correctly if a miss drop had occurred
  • Fixed: Timeline Diagram no longer crashes if you add an entity that has a parent that isn't on the diagram as a child to an entity on the diagram
  • Fixed: Reviewers are now able to run all reports 
  • Fixed: Refreshing Asset Diagram images with a background image will render correctly
  • Fixed: 'Shift-click' a label/vertex after selecting an edge first should correctly highlight the label/vertex
  • Fixed: Manage Project sidebar no longer expands behind Manage Projects widget
  • Fixed: Will no longer be able to place cross project entities into diagram if an entity with the same global Id already exists in diagram
  • Fixed: Aligning Images in descriptions will save correctly
  • Fixed: Bulk Labels / Bulk Attributes will appear correctly if multiple classes are selected and are subclasses or parents
  • Fixed: Entity notation's search for entities queries partial words correctly
  • Fixed: Basic Document Output (DOCX) report displays rowspan and colspan elements correctly
  • Fixed: Acronym Extractor will add acronyms with an apostrophe in the acronym name
  • Fixed: Re-assigning global ids when importing no longer breaks entity notations
  • Fixed: Percent and DateTime editors will auto-focus correctly
  • Fixed: Hidden classes in Documents view will not appear as an option to create new
  • Fixed: Color Picker in Diagrams will no longer keep previous color
  • Fixed: Attribute names will use ellipses if too long
  • Fixed: Activity Diagram start and end will not have stroke color button option
  • Fixed: In Manage Projects view, changing the folder of a project no longer resets any name/description changes made
  • Fixed: CAD Modal no longer has a double spinner
  • Fixed: Downloading a .docx or .xlsx report and giving it a name with just dots ‘...’ no longer downloads a broken .xml file
  • Fixed: Creating an organization with the same slug as a previous organization no longer revives old license information
  • Fixed: Entity Multiselect hovering over a selected project/limit no longer makes the text almost disappear
  • Fixed: Entity Multiselect will show name and number of entities correctly
  • Fixed: Tree Diagram existing entities can now be re-added after removed from diagram
  • Fixed: Hierarchy Diagram will layout correctly upon entering the diagram
  • Fixed: Action Diagrams imported from CSV files will be ordered correctly
  • Fixed: ICD left/right entity multiselect no longer shows the current entity as an option
  • Fixed: Resetting Layer diagram no longer removes all connected lines
  • Fixed: SVG download will render again
  • Fixed: Entities with circular relationships will no longer crash the Entity Table Rollup Report
  • Fixed: UserTeam Editor will work correctly with cross-project entities
  • Fixed: All widgets or views that use redactor now render html in the same way
  • Fixed: Basic Tabular Output Report correctly displays options
  • Fixed: Saving or creating an entity with a number that is too long now throws an error instead of crashing on the back end
  • Fixed: Downloading image reports from Timeline diagrams no longer readjusts screen which triggers save event incorrectly
  • Fixed: Downloading an image of a Tree Diagram will no longer makes all the shapes disappear
  • Fixed: Cross project entities will no longer get the current project's Id incorrectly
  • Fixed: Default Value are now displayed in reports for pre-existing entities
  • Fixed: Description from Database View will update correctly
  • Fixed: Prevents Or branches from being null or empty in UI
  • Fixed: FileEditor download button is now the correct color
  • Fixed: Page no longer gets stuck after clicking Save or navigating away from a chart/diagram/document/test suite for the first time
  • Fixed: User to user chats will no longer overlap with group chat sidebar
  • Fixed: Percent editor input height will align with %
  • Fixed: Relationship properties in Relations schema view will correctly be called attributes
  • Fixed: Workflow transition will lock and unlock correctly
  • Fixed: Menu bar doesn't work correctly in Safari
  • Fixed: Timeline Diagram out of range check will be more responsive
  • Fixed: Importing entities with attributes pertaining to workflow will keep the correct state
  • Fixed: Gantt Chart tour will display toolbar correctly
  • Fixed: Turn off notifications will work correctly
  • Fixed: User service will not get out of sync and lose user dashboard layout
  • Fixed: Changes to license widget will not clear users already assigned 


  • Deprecated: Innoslate no longer supports H2 database management system
  • Deprecated: Innoslate no longer supports IE
  • Deprecated: ‘Popular’ tab in relationship panel, replaced with ‘Active’ tab