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Innoslate Enterprise 4.0 Release Notes

Below is an outline of all the changes made to Innoslate Enterprise.

Innoslate Enterprise Release Notes 8/21/2018

New Features:

  • Added: New project workflow controls allow an entity’s status to be transitioned through a lifecycle. Workflow has the ability to control permissions of the transition, locking, and generate custom notifications. This feature allows your team to automate your organization’s process and increase collaboration in your team.
  • Added: Matrices are now integrated with our new “Traceability Assist,” which automatically identifies likely relationships using pre-trained machine learning models. The relationships tab has now been added to all views (documents, diagrams, matrices, and documents) for inline relationship manipulation.
  • Added: Innoslate 4.0’s database is (on average) 2-25x faster supporting extremely large requirements documents and reports. Performance on large operations is now up to 25x faster than before. Innoslate has been tested with a 10,000,000 entities in a single project and over 10,000 requirements in a single document. Innoslate has designed the ability to create Relationships across multiple projects.
  • Added: New customizable project dashboard allows combining various sources of data into a single page. Customizable widgets for bar charts, pie charts, entity tables, comments, and project activity are available. Widgets can be created personally for each user or shared with all members on the project.
  • Added: Innoslate 4.0 now operates with advanced permissions with custom roles and teams. Documents and diagrams can now contain redacted entities from other projects. Entities can be locked for editing at the object level. New options for licensing including reviewer, floating reviewer, and hybrid named/floating options are available.
  • Added: New and improved Database View is perfect for our power users. All entities can be edited inline, columns of related entities can be viewed and edited inline, and custom queries can be saved. A hierarchy mode allows navigating hierarchy of entities, including documents from within database view. Multiple label queries and complex attribute filters are now supported and can be added with ease.
  • Added: Documents Management View
  • Added: Test Management View
  • Added: Admin View
  • Added: User Data View


  • Improved: Swift searching (up to 30x faster), with higher accuracy (All Views)
  • Improved: Resolvable Comments (All Views)
  • Improved: Suspect Links (Matrices)
  • Improved: Query Matrices (Matrices)
  • Improved: Advanced CSV and Simple CSV merged (Import Analyzer)
  • Improved: Automatic class detection, ex. shall, will (Import Analyzer)
  • Improved: Filtering (Diagrams View)
  • Improved: PowerPoint Report (Diagrams View)
  • Improved: Integrated Label/Line Support (All Diagrams)
  • Improved: Suggested Auto Number (All Diagrams)
  • Improved: System Boundary (Use Case Diagram)
  • Improved: Folders and Organizations (Managed Projects)
  • Improved: Delete most pre-installed Labels (Schema Editor)
  • Improved: Schema at the Organization Level (Schema Editor)
  • Improved: Multiple Labels per Class (Schema Editor)
  • Improved: Overview with charts on Schema (Schema Editor)
  • Improved: Multi-select Attribute Type (Schema Editor)
  • Improved: User/Team Attribute Type (Schema Editor)
  • Improved: Guided Tours for New Users (Dashboard)
  • Improved: Recover deleted entities (Database)
  • Improved: Relationship attributes versioned (Database)
  • Improved: Action/Activity/Sim control flow versioned (Database)
  • Improved: Filtering by user, operation (Activity Feed / Dashboard)
  • Improved: CAD Viewer migrated to Autodesk managed Library (CAD)
  • Improved: Risk Matrix redesigned
  • Improved: Reports are more responsive in database view and improved customization
  • Improved: Traceability Matrix redesigned
  • Improved: Help Center switch over to 4x content
  • Improved: Schema Editor will display error message if failures occurred during deletions
  • Improved: Auto-number, duplicate, and transform to redesigned
  • Improved: Default maximum upload file size changed from 25 to 100 megabytes
  • Improved: History Modal will show entities of cross projects

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: State Machine one way relationship removed
  • Fixed: Layer Diagram fix rendering issues
  • Fixed: Scripting Modal will have correct default settings
  • Fixed: Dropdown menu will display correctly when chat window is opened
  • Fixed: Class diagram will generate correctly with empty name/number/units
  • Fixed: IDEF0 will display correct tunneling
  • Fixed: Hidden label will stay hidden in UI
  • Fixed: Licensing bug that would causes a hold on a license incorrectly
  • Fixed: Numbers in excel will show up as number not strings in excel output
  • Fixed: Matrix will check for empty query 
  • Fixed: Requirements/Documents view will not run reports on leaving views
  • Fixed: Asset Diagram will no longer bomb if background pictures is not included in XML import
  • Fixed: Chat window will auto hide in manage projects view
  • Fixed: Dashboard Images/Diagrams will correct resize to fit in wiki panels 
  • Fixed: Documents view modified by will work if any entity in the document is updated
  • Fixed: Excel (.csv) will correctly link parents to children based on numbers
  • Fixed: Share Modal will allow selections of different roles when adding new people to a project
  • Fixed: Quick links will work anywhere in the tool and not just in a project
  • Fixed: Reset diagram will correctly reset the diagram without including changes made
  • Fixed: Entity Relationship Matrix (XLSX) relationship will display after selecting
  • Fixed: Entity Table will sort correctly with redacted or empty entities