Innoslate Cloud 4.7 Release Notes

Innoslate Cloud Release Notes last modified 5/1/2023 Below is an outline of the changes made to Innoslate Cloud which occurred after the release


  • Improved: Simulator will shift all widgets to the top automatically
  • Improved: Simulator will show which entities are causing scripting errors
  • Improved: Find and Replace Modal will now display cross-project entities and which entities are editable via Find and Replace
  • Improved: Calendar search will search per keystroke instead of after pressing the search button
  • Improved: Physical I/O will allow connections to be created without selecting an I/O
  • Improved: Import Analyzer has better error messages when a user tries to import a schema change without the proper permissions
  • Improved: Entity Table widget allows right click to open entity view in a new tab
  • Improved: ReqIF will allow for more imports to be accepted
  • Improved: Class Diagram import modal will show both text input and upload button
  • Improved: Entity relationship panel will now show cancel and save buttons only after an entity is selected
  • Improved: Gantt Chart Existing Task Modal will allow the date to be entered if no date is specified upon selecting an entity
  • Improved: Admin Find User Modal will remove all bad users from the list of users attempting to be added
  • Improved: Calendar and Gantt Chart have a deselect entity button
  • Improved: Simulator reports now include units as a selectable column
  • Improved: Document view paper mode extends the top and bottom edges of the paper
  • Improved: Script Editor modal has a better algorithm for detecting the three function stubs

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Document, Test Suite, and Compilation will refresh images correctly in their respective Manage dashboards
  • Fixed: Workflow modal’s add button will be disabled until a class and property are selected
  • Fixed: Reviewers will only be able to request labels changes in entity view
  • Fixed: Pressing enter in the Relationship panel will no longer cause a page refresh
  • Fixed: Physical I/O will discard unused newly created entities correctly
  • Fixed: Uploading a short image will display correctly in the Metadata Tab
  • Fixed: Removed testing roles
  • Fixed: Simulator buttons will display correctly after resizing the screen
  • Fixed: The All Existing widget will update correctly after a clone operation
  • Fixed: History modal will handle being signed out correctly
  • Fixed: Simulator script command ‘getDescriptionAsText’ will work correctly
  • Fixed: Deleting a project will update recent projects correctly
  • Fixed: Hyperlinks in Word will work correctly
  • Fixed: Tour Guide in Document view will work correctly
  • Fixed: URI attribute editor will work correctly when a blank or bad input is entered
  • Fixed: Monte Carlo reports will not display report options if the Monte Carlo reports an error
  • Fixed: Database search dropdown will display correctly
  • Fixed: Admin Find User Modal multiselects will display correctly when there are no available licenses or there are bad attempts to add users
  • Fixed: History and Activity feed will display URI, File, and Image attributes correctly
  • Fixed: Schema views will display the correct names of views
  • Fixed: Gantt Chart dependency button will work correctly
  • Fixed: Attribute default with 0 will display correctly
  • Fixed: IDEF0 will work correctly when labels are no longer displayed on the diagram


  • Updated: npm vulnerabilities patched

Innoslate Cloud Release Notes 4/3/2023

Below is an outline of the changes made to Innoslate Cloud which occurred after the release of Innoslate Cloud (2/13/2023).


  • Improved: Increase server response timeout from 60 seconds to 360 seconds
  • Improved: Update Bootstrap from version 4 to 5
  • Improved: Document name is now at the top of the hierarchy tab 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: All modals are more dynamically scrollable
  • Fixed: Compilation view attributes will map to the correct class
  • Fixed: Test Suite Roll-up attribute is now selectable in the settings modal
  • Fixed: Documents view will calculate the correct height when the last item of the document is selected
  • Fixed: Artifacts that are documents will correctly show the download and full screen buttons for its image
  • Fixed: Comments indicator will not show up if an empty comment was submitted in Documents view
  • Fixed: Open settings will not be available after adding an existing entity in Documents view until added entity is deselected
  • Fixed: Routing from Import Analyzer will no longer throw an error
  • Fixed: Test Center new cycles will correctly keep the status after switching to past cycles
  • Fixed: IBD will correctly render when labels overlap other shapes
  • Fixed: Document, Test Suite, and Compilation will render its documents in their respective manage views correctly

Innoslate Cloud Release Notes 2/13/2023

Below is an outline of the changes made to Innoslate Cloud which occurred after the release of Innoslate Cloud (2/6/2023).


  • Improved: Documents will be able to focus the number or name field upon selection

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Branching and Forking will work correctly with depicted managed labels
  • Fixed: Branching and Forking will work correctly with new Documents’ meta numbers
  • Fixed: Import / Export will work correctly with Test Center and Compilation meta numbers
  • Fixed: Project Dashboard Widgets’ edit Title input will display correctly when cleared
  • Fixed: Auto number in Documents will trigger the save correctly
  • Fixed: Moving entities in Documents will work correctly
  • Fixed: Collapse and Expand all in Document will display entities correctly

Innoslate Cloud Release Notes 2/6/2023

Below is an outline of the changes made to Innoslate Cloud which occurred after the release of Innoslate Cloud (1/23/2023).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Firefox resizing in Documents views will work correctly
  • Fixed: Unlock and locking will appear and work correctly
  • Fixed: GitHub Issue and Pull Edit modals will scroll correctly
  • Fixed: Rollup will work correctly for Number attributes
  • Fixed: Attributes can be cleared and save correctly
  • Fixed: BDD Operations will display correctly
  • Fixed: BDD and Timeline refresh will work correctly on Inno card widgets
  • Fixed: Remove the ability to edit change request
  • Fixed: Multiselect options will display and scroll correctly in Documents view
  • Fixed: Hierarchy tab will load correctly if tab was previously collapsed
  • Fixed: Deselect will work correctly in Documents view
  • Fixed: Banners and Tour Guides will not block items in Documents view and Traceability Matrix view
  • Fixed: Comment report will show up correctly in Entity view
  • Fixed: Artifacts with Simulation Exports or CAD uploaded will correctly show the visualization or navigation button

Innoslate Cloud Release Notes 1/23/2023

Below is an outline of the changes made to Innoslate Cloud which occurred after the release of Innoslate Cloud (11/1/2022).

New Features:

  • Added: Document View has been completely redesigned to now include infinite scrolling
  • Added: Test Center has been completely redesigned to now include infinite scrolling
  • Added: Compilation is a collection of any classes in a document structure
  • Added: Traceability matrix has been completely redesigned to now include lazy loaders
  • Added: Change Request Widget allows reviewers to suggest changes in entity view which can be approved/rejected by the project owner
  • Added: Charts, Compilations, Diagrams, Documents, and Test Suites can all be exported and cloned individually from their respective manage view
  • Added: GitHub Webhooks allow Github to create a requirement and maintain traceability
  • Added: Two-factor authentication and 5 password attempt lockout added for additional account security
  • Added: Countdown Clock Widget added to Project and Project Management Dashboards


  • Improved: Github search bar has been optimized 
  • Improved: SysML diagrams have a customizable frame
  • Improved: SysML Activity Diagram have swim lanes, guards, and blocked I/O
  • Improved: Internal Block Diagram is now nestable per SysML 1.6 standards
  • Improved: State Machine Diagram is now nestable per SysML 1.6 standards
  • Improved: Package Diagram is now nestable per SysML 1.6 standards
  • Improved: Timeline Diagram has been redesigned
  • Improved: Powered by SPEC Innovations logo has been added to sign in screen
  • Improved: Shapes will be easier to deselect in diagrams
  • Improved: CSV import will handle various inputs to relation columns better
  • Improved: GitHub widget fetching has been redesigned
  • Improved: License counts that are negative will be allowed to be zero
  • Improved: All attributes editors have been updated to be more responsive
  • Improved: User with no organization license will get better messages
  • Improved: New Support messages have been added 
  • Improved: Monte Carlo will use the max cores by default unless in Safari where it’s set to 2
  • Improved: Font size can be changed on entity descriptions and comments
  • Improved: Relationship tab and Comments widget updated so entities can open in a new tab with right click
  • Improved: Gantt Chart and Kanban Board View have back buttons to Project Manage Dashboard

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Header navbar will not use stale user when project save happen
  • Fixed: Diagram zoom will increment correctly if in-between default ranges
  • Fixed: Visibility of bold and italic buttons on diagrams
  • Fixed: Entity view toolbar buttons will be disabled while saving and loading the view 
  • Fixed: Fixed race condition in the Teams and Roles dashboard
  • Fixed: Hidden classes will not show up in Spider Diagrams
  • Fixed: Pie and Bar Widgets will show locking and unlocking responsively
  • Fixed: Name of project added back to Project Dashboard 
  • Fixed: Description of Projects in Mange Project will wrap lines based on word
  • Fixed: Sort by Sv-4/SV-10c’s will display correctly
  • Fixed: Entity Definition Report tab will not have file extension added
  • Fixed: Chart report button will be disabled until view is loaded
  • Fixed: Reverting to a version before an image was added will remove image correctly
  • Fixed: Add and Edit Target modal in schema editor will trigger save event correctly
  • Fixed: Admin dashboard user role will be more accessible by dropping downward
  • Fixed: Cross project relationships attributes can be editable with correct permissions
  • Fixed: XML/Inno Report will correctly filter out redacted entities
  • Fixed: XY Plot and Risk Burndown will not have errors thrown to the console on refresh
  • Fixed: Cost Break Down panel title will update based on Pie vs Doughnut selection
  • Fixed: Report limit will not break back end reports if unset or not set correctly
  • Fixed: GovCloud will have its own instructional alert for resetting passwords
  • Fixed: Routing back will not send you back to the sign in if you are are still signed in
  • Fixed: Basic Tabular Output Report has better null checking for description and attributes
  • Fixed: Uploading a CAD and Sim Export file to the same entity will both work correctly
  • Fixed: CAD files can now be viewed on relationship attributes
  • Fixed: SRD 1.3.4 System Internal Interface will correctly update
  • Fixed: Sopatra will be able to handle colons correctly with I/O naming
  • Fixed: Imported Sopatra action diagrams will not have I/O deadlock 
  • Fixed: DateTime attributes can be empty after initialization to a value
  • Fixed: Navigating to an organization that doesn’t exist will redirect to another organization after clicking OK on warning modal
  • Fixed: Timeline grid will grow to the length of the diagram correctly
  • Fixed: SysML diagram in 4.6 will be shifted into the new SysML frame
  • Fixed: BDD will filter out states in Characteristics
  • Fixed: Hidden items on diagram will not affect the width and height of diagram