Innoslate Cloud 4.4 Release Notes

Below is an outline of the changes made to Innoslate Cloud which occurred after the release of Innoslate (1/8/2021).

New Features:

  • Added: Action / Activity has a mass apply duration to entities 


  • Improved: Generating reports have spinners when in progress
  • Improved: Images can now be downloaded from entity’s history
  • Improved: Find and replace is added to database view
  • Improved: Duplicate Class, label, and relation names in schema view will have error handling
  • Improved: Importing entities with the same Global ID will now be overlaid rather than an error being thrown

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Interface Control Diagram lines will save deserialization correctly
  • Fixed: Acronym Extractor will not add corrupted innoNotations / innoTables when creating links
  • Fixed: Images and diagrams inserted into entity comments are sized properly
  • Fixed: Pointers will indicate clickable buttons in the tool
  • Fixed: Navigating from workflow to organization Schema works correctly
  • Fixed: Class button from workflow will be hidden if user does not have write schema
  • Fixed: XY Plot will add imported points with existing datasets
  • Fixed: Diagram and Chart title will work correctly on project dashboard
  • Fixed: Relationship attributes can no longer be editable if the relationship is disabled
  • Fixed: Tree diagram allows artifacts to be collapsable
  • Fixed: Database view entities with multiple relationships will display correctly when selected
  • Fixed: Basic Tabular Output Report will not print out multiple time base on number of labels
  • Fixed: Scripts will not caused the simulator to fail when the last line is a comment
  • Fixed: Project dashboard panels will have slugs added to prevent cross organization project conflicts
  • Fixed: Hidden labels will no longer show up in the bulk label dropdown in database view
  • Fixed: Header link will go to the correct organization when switched from project in a different organization with the same project id
  • Fixed: Github view will correctly reset to overview when switching between repositories
  • Fixed: Inserting ‘Horizontal Rule’ will save correctly in redactor editor
  • Fixed: Docx / HTML reports will generate correctly with large documents or diagrams
  • Fixed: Baselines will complete correctly even if images fail to saved
  • Fixed: Importing Xml / Inno will correctly import relationship attributes
  • Fixed: Importing Xml / Inno will work import correctly for file containing larger than 2100 entities