Hierarchy Diagram Widget

Display a breakdown of the hierarchical status of the tasks in your kanban board.

The 'Hierarchy Diagram' Widget visually represents relationships in a hierarchical structure, such as the breakdown of a project into subtasks or the organization of a team into roles and responsibilities. It provides a clear and intuitive depiction of complex structures, helping you understand and navigate the relationships and dependencies within your project.

pm dashboard hierarchy diagram

Adding a ‘Board Progress’ Chart Widget

1.   From your Project Management Dashboard, click the  Add Widget’ button.

pm dashboard add widget


2.   The ‘Adding Widget’ modal will appear. Select ‘Hierarchy Diagram’.

pm dashboard add widget 2


After adding the widget, you are able to toggle through and change the target Kanban Board to create a Board Progress Overview.

3. Click on the dropdown at the top of the widget.

pm dashboard hierarchy diagram 2


Widget Options

pm dashboard hierarchy diagram widget icons

There are only two options available:
  • Lock Widget
  • Close

Tutorial Video