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Search and Change Settings in Document View

Search and Settings Docs View

Located in the top right corner of Documents View, users will find a convenient 'Search Field' and Settings Dropdown. Let's delve into these features in greater detail below.

Document View Settings

Settings Dropdown docs view

The 'Settings' dropdown is a wrench icon located on the most right of the top toolbar in Document View. This dropdown provides options to allow for modifications to the settings and view of the document.

"Collapse All" enables users to collapse all child entities in the document, displaying only the parent entities.

'Reset View' enables users to restore the view to the default setting of Document View, where the Entity, Rationale, Quality Score, and Labels columns are displayed.

'Display Options' is a popup with many options. This popup's first field is a dropdown that allows users to select metadata and attributes they would like to display in that Document View. This is particularly helpful for those using the Docx output reporting, so they include what information they'd like to include for that report. Below are all options selected for reference.

Document Display Settings Docs ViewWithin the General section of the Display Settings Pop Up, users have the ability to configure various aspects of Document View.

Users have the option to choose their focus when selecting a new row in the document. The 'Focus' dropdown options are 'Name', 'Number' or 'Description.'

The options below the 'Focus' dropdown can be turned on or off  with the toggles next to them. These options are listed below with their descriptions. 

  • 'Always use Document's Meta value for number' Instead of displaying the manually entered numbers in the number field, this toggle allows for the use of meta numbering specifically for that document. This makes it easier for users to reference the entities. To revert back to the manually entered numbering, simply toggle off this option.
  • 'Always show Document in paper mode' This feature will display your document in a paper-like format. However, please note that enabling this toggle will limit the data visible to only 'Name', 'Number', and 'Description' fields. If you want to view attributes and other metadata, users should deselect this option.
  • 'Disable Gap Analysis indicators' Enabling this toggle will cause the green 'S, T, and Vs' indicators to disappear from the entity's right side.
  • 'Capture image of Document when saving or leaving' This toggle refreshes the thumbnail image of the document's document card on the Documents Dashboard.
  • 'Keep horizontal scroll position when selecting an entity' This feature enables seamless navigation, ensuring that the horizontal scroll remains fixed even when scrolling vertically.

Search Document View

The 'Search' Field, indicated by the red box below, provides users with the ability to search for specific words or phrases within the name, number, and description fields of the entities in the document.

Search Field Docs view

Upon entering a query, like below:

search field results

the document will highlight the entities that contain the search query. In the example above, the query 'provide' is found in 4 entities within the document (indicated by the red square in the image above). These entities are highlighted in the document (image below). The first highlighted entity, highlighted in orange, represents the initial focus of the search results. By using the up and down arrows next to the search field results (red circles in the image above), the orange highlight will move to the corresponding entity. To close the search and remove the highlighted entities, simply click the red 'X' (blue square in the image above).

Search Results Docs View

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