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Advanced Search Editor

Perform advanced database searching and querying through Innoslate's Advanced Search Editor.

For advanced database searching and querying, Innoslate provides the Advanced Search Editor. Click the blue or gray advanced search button, inline with the search field at the top of your database, to bring up the Advanced Search Editor. In the editor, users are able to enter prefixes, queries, and filters.

Please note, this article is applicable for all versions of Innoslate 4.



Users are provided many options to filter and sort their database (see tables below). To select one of the filtering or ordering options click on one of the dropdowns and select one of the many options. Selecting filters and orders automatically fills in the prefix field. By default, any terms placed in the prefix field are bridged using the AND operator unless otherwise specified by you.  The use of OR and NOT operators is also supported.  

Search Options

Filtering: Labels, Class types, Diagram types, Attribute Values, Relationships, Additional Options*
Ordering: Modified time, Created time, Diagram modified time, Name, Number, Relationship number

*Additional Options

Option: Description
Cross-Project: Entities that contain cross-project relationships
Diagram: Entities that are the roots of diagrams
Leaf: Entities with no children (entity has no target “decomposed by” relationships)
Orphan: Entities that have no relationships
Root: Entities with no parents (no target relationships on decomposes).
Top: Entities that are at the top of an overall hierarchy (documents, root diagrams, etc.)




You can type into the query field to include any desirable search terms. Any terms in the query field will be combined with any terms in the prefix field. To extract search terms from the query field into the prefix field click on the ‘Prefix Extractor’, knife button, located at the top-right of the ‘Query’ section. If the search term is able to be extracted it will automatically be moved from the query field into the prefix field.



To properly update the search field using the Advanced Search Editor click on the ‘Update’ button. This will update and perform the search.

To clear the prefix the user can select the clear prefix button.



Selecting the drop-down button at the end of the search field will by default clear the query but not the prefix. To clear both the prefix and the query, click and ‘x’ button to open a dropdown. Then while holding move your mouse to the clear all option and release to select it.

clear query db view


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